Bell Bottoms

Before the computer, before the smart phone, before even social media, existed a time now known as "The 70's". It was an era of of shameless uninhibited exploration. Shag carpet, water beds, lava lamps, dico, a glass bottle of coke... Sadly, not much survived the following decade of big hair & bmx bikes. But the bell bottom persevered. Passed on from mothers to daughters, aunts to nieces. Discovered on the back rack of a used clothing store or spotted on the girl from "out of town". The bell bottoms persevered and bided their time to be once again worn with pride. You have found your home Wild Raven girl. Celebrate with me this style from so long ago. Slip on a pair and feel the power of your fellow girlfriends from so many decades ago. May the vibe be with you!

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