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Wild, free and uninhibited. You've just discovered America's coolest little boutique on a bus! Are you a Wild Raven girl? Do you love one-of-a-kind pieces and timeless classics. Do you curate your closet with bold, fun, quality clothing. To you the expression "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is such a cliche, a Wild Raven girl dresses for herself not others. Looking for complete outfits and curated pieces?  Check out my Live Sales on Instagram. Hang out with me every Wednesday starting at 8PM (EST) for a fun night of shopping the bus! I like to think this makes my boutique a bit unique. My live sales offer small runs of individually sourced items that are claimed so quick they will likely not make it to the website! Good Luck

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Tag 3 friends in a social media post wearing something Wild Raven. If one of them make a purchase I'll include a surprise thank you gift with your next order (remember to remind me)!

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