Find us aboard a re-purposed 40 f.t. Boston, MA school bus that we bought in 2017. We drove it to our family home in the Vermont mountains and spent a very chilly fall stripping it down to just its shell. We then drove her down to a winery in Maryland where we spent a very cold winter finishing it and getting her ready. We are now operating in the beautiful state of Florida!

We love to travel, and having explored all 50 U.S. states, we found that people are hungry for something small and personal, a place where money is not the single driving force. When you shop the bus, our goal is not that you leave with bags of cool, quality clothing and accessories but rather with a newfound spark of creativity. Possibly you find a smile that you might have forgotten or breathe a little easier in what seems to be an increasingly detached world.

On the bus you will find handmade jewelry and accessories as well as boho style clothing, turkish towels/blankets and so much more! So far, our favorite thing is when our customers become possessive of the bus affectionately referring to it as “their bus”. It’s always a bit of a gamble when you head somewhere new, but we have a pretty good feeling this was the right choice for our little family and Wild Raven, the boutique on a bus!

Oh, almost forgot! Why call it Wild Raven? We have always been a little on the wild side, and simply put, ravens are a bit different and quite fascinating. We like to do our own thing and because we need to spread our wings and take flight from time to time, you just might spot us in your neighborhood!

- Eve & Josh